Mobile networks – Transmission


The transmission networks of our customers include all the equipment constituting:

High-throughput Back-bone portion based on microwave links (SDH) and fiber optics (WDM)
The so-called "capillary" part which constitutes the radio-relay links (PDH).

Optic fiber

The optical fiber network's development is expanding and affecting nowadays a large proportion of mobile operators investment to transmit data.

FirstCom assists operators and companies to ensure the installation of the fiber network and the implementation of data transfer technology via these networks.

Cable network

In order to meet our customers expectations for new installations, extensions and maintenance work required in the cable networks centrals, FirstCom takes into account the current requirements and future needs such as:

Safety measures and new equipment adding plan.
For each operation in the technical center, our working teams are committed to ensure the work progress with all necessary safety measures for operating equipment, and to put back all the the central building accessories to their previous state.

FirstCom provides experienced cabling workers ensuring:

Existing installation plans and schemes studies and needed updates.
New equipment establishment.
Installation, routing and necessary cable connections on all types of pipes mount
Safety measures and necessary controls to ensure the proper functioning of the system.
Refitting of suspended ceilings, plastic sleeves covers and accessories of the intervention building.
Site Master
VSWR Measurement
Commissionning BTS
BTS commissioning operation in Nigerian site
BTS Outdoor
Outdoor hardware BTS installation for Ooredo Tunisia
Module RF
RF module installation