Deployment & Infrastrusture

Qualified as a quality partner for telecom operators, FirstCom provides turnkey solutions for telecom sites. Indeed, FirstCom’s intervention starts from seeking candidates to putting sites “on air” and ensuring all associated services such as:
Site acquisition
Site acquisition & WORK permits
Rental agreement negotiation
Site Survey & work monitoring
Sites legal files
Necessary administrative regulations monitoring (ANF, STEG, etc.)
Site documents preparation (APS, APD, etc.)
Civil Engineering

As an expert in telecom networks field, FirstCom is capable of performing all required civil engineering work. Whether it is analysis, optimization, building or metal structures replacement of a network, our experience in civil engineering will be a valuable asset for the success of your projects. Done by experts, this approach can have a very positive impact on telecom operators:

Technical maintenance visits of the existing structures and load studies to strengthen them
Accurate interventions to build or replace structures.
Fast achievement and work efficiency.
Sustained support from experienced specialists.
Installation and maintenance of all types of towers.
Installation and maintenance of all types of steelwork part of the telecom networks.
Installation and maintenance of all kinds of pipes and cable trays.
Installing concrete foundations & bases.
All types of waterproofing work.
Energy and Environment

Thanks to its specialization skills, FirstCom provides all electrical system related services required in the remote site power system:

Telecom Infrastructure maintenance
Shelter, generators, batteries (rectifiers), air conditioners, etc
Architectural design.
Plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning controlled closure, etc.
Fire detection and extinction.
Energy technical analyses and design.
Telecom and technical sites electrical connection work - traditional connecting and alternative solutions for all electrical accessories (MSB, lightning arresters, stabilizers, rectifiers, batteries, etc.)
Shelters and technical facilities electrical work (shelter, buildings, etc.)