Consulting / Outsourcing
The telecommunication sector and the information technologies are in sustained and rapid evolution.
Telecom operators are mobilized to adapt their operational networks to cope with the consolidation of markets.
This development creates a need in dedicated resources that forces operators and telecom equipment suppliers to anticipate, adapt and increase their competitiveness and innovation. innovation.
To this end, FirstCom provides its customers with a team of international renowned experts for outsourcing services, engineering and technical support.
Engineering & Management
In order to provide high level services with international telecommunication sector standards to its customers, FirstCom is committed to provide with each project , a detailed customer engineering file faithful to the required specifications.
The file includes :
The description of the technical solution and work to achieve.
Site location and access conditions.
Characteristics of the building or land .
The rating calculation and stability study.
The description of the Shelter and metal accessories .
The description of antennas and supports.
Detailed site plans
Logistics and supply Management
Monitoring of cost and time .
Quality control
The drafting of technical specifications
The assistance and the establishment of record quality measures .
Management, control and coordination of work
Details of the technical installation .
The establishment of specific technical installation file.
Sizing ranges.
Compliance according to the specifications, in accordance with the relevant standards and technical specifications .
The design of masts and towers for all configurations terrace sites.
Design of radio equipment receiving Shelter from suppliers .